$60M Doc Film Effort to Connect Storytellers with Scientists

February 8, 2011 by Jess Main under Audience Engagement, Content, Education, Television

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has announced that it will be creating a $60M initiative to produce science and education-themed documentary pieces for television. HHMI has a history of funding science programming in public media (such as NOVA scienceNOW), and dedicates $70M annually to science education.

HHMI will be working to bring on board an executive producer who will be responsible for the direction of the initiative. In addition, “HHMI will collaborate with broadcasters and other partners to develop, produce, and disseminate programs and specials. ‘We are looking forward to working with organizations that will help us bring great stories to large audiences.’ [HHMI's vice-president for science education Sean] Carroll noted….”

With this initiative, HHMI appears ready to create opportunities to connect communities around science education: “The documentary film initiative also includes a major educational component…HHMI’s staff…will work hand-in-hand with the executive producer and filmmakers to repackage the film footage into materials that can be used by teachers and students at both the high school and college level.”

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